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Free group talks

I have two talks which I offer for free to groups such as toddler groups and at events around pregnancy and parenting. I can also come along to a group or event without a talk and just chat to parents about family sleep.

If you would like to discuss these with me or book a visit use the contact page.

Safe sleep

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This talk centres around keeping your infant safe during sleep and includes:

  • What  are the risks associated with infant sleep

  • How to create a safe sleep environment

  • Bed sharing and co-sleeping

  • Q&A

This talk is best suited to families who are pregnant or with young babies

What is normal sleep?

This talk centres around what is normal sleep for children and families in their first few years and includes:

  • How much do babies really sleep and wake?

  • The truth about breastfeeding, formula feeding, starting solids and sleep

  • To sleep train or not? what does the science actually say?

  • Q&A

This talk can be useful for groups of parents of varying ages of children, from pregnancy to adulthood!

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Join in your group with no formal talk

If your group wouldn't appreciate or be able to access a formal talk, I can come along and just chat informally to the parents about the topics above.

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