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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

Becky cuddling her sleepy son


Becky Fothergill

Hello I'm Becky. As a mum of 4 children, I have experienced many sleep issues and know first hand some of the difficulties of sleep deprivation. I did not want to do any cry it out methods but continually found breastfeeding to be blamed. It felt very much like there was two options; stop feeding and cry-it-out or put-up-with-it. I can now tell you that it's just not true! You can continue to breastfeed and get better sleep without harsh cry-it-out methods.

It was my passion for supporting women through my role as breastfeeding peer supporter that lead to becoming a holistic sleep coach. So many mothers would come to our group with sleep issues and I felt unable to properly support them and so I set about finding the right training. Finding the right programme that would fit with my parenting ethos took a long time! But as soon as I found the Holistic Sleep Coaching programme by Lyndsey Hookway and Emma Dewey I knew this was the one.

I am now training with the NCT to become a breastfeeding counsellor and postnatal supporter.

a mother looking at her baby, bonding and attachment


Attachment theory at the heart of what I do

A child's attachment lays the foundation of emotional wellbeing for their life (Bowlby)

In other words, if your baby is securely attached to you they are more likely to have emotionally healthy relationships when an adult. Having a child that is securely attached to you doesn't make them 'clingy' but gives them the safe and secure start in life. Securely attached children are happier and healthier  - what more can we want as parents?!

Therefore, everything I share, advocate and suggest will be helping strengthen the attachment of your child, not harming it.


women talking and connecting together, showing support





to me so we can work well together and to a community of like-minded people so you feel supported and less isolated.

to truly listen to how you are feeling and your struggles so that we can find the right solution that actually works

this is your sleep and breastfeeding journey in your unique family. I support you however you need to take the path that is right for you.

in my knowledge, guidance and that this can work. Most of all confidence in your own parenting.

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