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Need more sleep?

My free eBook is a guide that will start you on your path to get more sleep in a way you feel aligns with your parenting

how to get more sleep whilst breastfeeding and without sleep training

Packed with tips and easy steps to maximise your and your little one's sleep before you make any big changes at night.

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What is in the eBook?

This is a 15 page guide book on simple things you can change to get better sleep. It includes:

How to help set up a clear circadium rhythm

How changing certain things in the day can help night time sleep

Simple, first steps to getting more sleep before heading into any major changes at night.

Plenty of detail to explain ideas but not too much to overwhelm you

This guide will not:

Tell you you need to sleep train your child

Tell you you should wean off of breastfeeding or night wean

Tell you you need to do something that feels uncomfortable with you

Why is it free?

I want to show you I am true to my word of no sleep training, no night weaning and that I know what I'm talking about.

I know how tiring navigating nights and information about sleep is. There are so many options and places to go, it's a real minefield! With a free guide, you can see if we are compatible to work together without having to part with any money.

Inside are the elements that I talk through with all my clients and are generally relevant to everyone. They are the first steps. So, if you have read this before seeing me we can spend more time on the individual challenges that you face.

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I am here to support you, with the guidance and knowledge I have, in your unique journey for your unique family.
No night weaning and no sleep training
- will it work?

Yes, absolutely!

You can get more sleep without sleep training and without having to night wean. And these suggestions in this guide do have those results. How much of a difference these changes make is variable family to family. But what has been seen is that the more of these ideas you put in place, the more consistent you are with them, the more difference you are likely to find. Especially if your current sleep is particularly challenging!


For some mothers, these changes will be enough to make sleep sustainable for them so that they do not need to change anything else, yay! Other mothers and parents may find they want to go on to the next step where we discuss techniques to get even more sleep - but they still do not include any sleep training. Your child will be fully supported with any of my suggestions. And night weaning will only be discussed if you want to.

How do I get the eBook?

Just fill in the form opposite and you will be added to my email list. Once you've submitted you will be automatically emailed a link to the eBook where you can download to any device you want.

You will receive the occasional email from me and if you don't want this it is easy to unsubscribe from the emails at any time.

Enjoy the book and more sleep!


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