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Mama Sleep Tribe

A community of breastfeeding mums looking for better sleep through responsive parenting.

Sign up or log in below to enter your Tribe of like-minded parents navigating sleep in a responsive way.

Can't wait to see you in there!

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Welcome to our Tribe

A warm, welcoming place, accepting you as you are. There's no need to seem to have it together, or to know what you are doing. A place to be yourself and not judged. You can show up as the mum you are without needing to explain why you don't want to sleep train or stop breastfeeding. Be amongst other mothers just like you, who are tired and hoping to get more sleep without compromising on your parenting ethics. 

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What is in the Tribe?

Become part of a Tribe of like-minded mums, connecting, supporting, making life long friendships all whilst having easy access to expert knowledge


Weekly Coffee mornings

Every Friday morning at 10am we will get together online to chat. Just like a toddler group but online. Bring your preferred beverage, get your little ones playing or feeding, and see how everyone is doing. We will welcome all and get to know you over the weeks and build a community where we all feel welcome and understood. I will facilitate each meet up and have a topic to discuss, or we will go with the flow and what presents itself.

Imagine a group of women supporting each other, making friends and an easy opportunity to ask your sleep questions to a professional without the 'professional' costs.....

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Roving Coffee Morning

And if Friday mornings are tricky for you......there will be a roving coffee morning (or afternoon) too. This will move around to different times to suit your needs. Using polls I will work out which time suits most people best, focusing on anyone who struggles time wise to meet us. So no one will miss out. Yay!


Exclusive Chat group

Open 24/7 to talk to each other and ask questions. This is where we can really get to know you and support each other every day (and night). Sharing good information, encouragement and anything to make us giggle can help build a warm and welcoming space. It'll be just for those in the Tribe who want to be responsive to our little ones and not push any sleep training under any guise. If you just want a moan about how tired you are or how hard parenting is, this is the place! You won't be met with "well you're choosing to breastfeed" or any other similar rubbish. And I'll be there to answer any little questions you have.



Monthly Masterclasses

This is where you can get all the information on how breastfeeding and sleep works together and how you can get more of it - the sleep part I'm meaning! Each month there will be an online 'Masterclass' on a relevant topic to you and this will be saved forever in our access area. That means you don't have to come to it live and if you miss one, you can watch it whenever you want. They will all be stored together creating a wonderful library of sleep, breastfeeding and responsive parenting knowledge.


Discounts on my other services

If you've been part of our Tribe for a few months but need a bit more of a bespoke, indepth, look at your sleeping challenges, I can do that too! I have a couple of packages here where we can work 1-2-1 to help improve your sleep. Being a member of the Mama Sleep Tribe, for at least 3 months, will give you at least 10% off of my packages. Plus there may be the odd cheeky offer on any new support ideas I am trialling.

How can I join the Mama Sleep Tribe?

The Tribe will be a membership subscription and hosted here on my website. There will be a membership area to log into where you'll find the library of masterclasses, chat and access to the links for the coffee mornings.

Membership is not quite open yet. I'm sorting out the tech behind the scenes - this is not my area of expertise!!

And the best bit - all this wonderful community, support and expert information will be at the tip of your finger for an introductory price of just £19 a month, PLUS the first Mama's to sign up will get a huge lifetime discount of up to 50%

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Frequently Asked Question's

Who is this for?

Our Tribe has been created as a place of friendship and support for breastfeeding mothers. We are open and accepting of anyone who wants to be part of this Tribe due to being drawn to the ethos of parenting in an attuned way. However you feed your child, if you identify as a mother and want to find holistic, gentle and responsive ways to overcome sleep challenges - we are your Tribe.

What if I don't breastfeed?

You do not have to breastfeed to join! The Tribe has been created to support breastfeeding women who don't want to wean to get more sleep and there will be a lot of breastfeeding talk. So as long as this feels comfortable for you, you are welcome. I am more than happy to talk about other feeding methods and how this does or does not affect sleep - it is just that my speciality is in breastfeeding and sleep. So, if you like the sound of this Tribe, come on in whether you are breastfeeding, partially or exclusively, expressing, chestfeeding, formula feeding, mixed feeding or your child is no longer mainly on milk but solid food.

What do I get?

A warm welcome, a friendly place to chat, a supportive network of other mothers and better sleep!!  Life long friendships are often formed through connections such as these where you'll be able to support other mothers as well. There will be online get togethers - coffee mornings, from the comfort of your own home, or the park! Really feel connected to each other and each other's stories and trials and tribulations. A chat forum enables you to keep asking questions and sharing thoughts and ideas with each other between our live events. Videos to watch in your time with answers to your more challenging questions and how to get more sleep as a breastfeeding mother. These will be added to on at least a monthly basis and will become a library of knowledge you can use how you need. Plus - if you still are struggling and  want to work 1-2-1 with me towards better sleep, you'll get extra discounts on my other services and offerings.

How much is it?

All of this lovely support and access to expert sleep knowledge is yours for an introductory price of £19 a month! AND everyone gets one week free to try it out with no obligation to carry on. This is only introductory though, as our Tribe grows, support gets more refined, the system is smoothed out and more videos and resources are added, the value and therefore the price will be increasing. But don't worry, the price you pay when you sign up will be the price you always pay. No matter how much it goes up. PLUS there will be some very generous discounts early on for the first few through the door - be on my email list to get a chance of getting one of these.

5  How do I join?

From this Wednesday (15th May 2024) there will be a button at the top of this page to take you to the sign up. You'll need to create an account and set up payment - even though the first week is FREE. And then you can access the Tribe pages and meet everyone.

6  What if I want to leave?

We're here for your support. And we have a week access for free to try-before-you-buy. So, if you are not getting what you need you are free to leave whenever you want. All you need to do is to cancel your subscription and your access will cease when your next payment was due. You can cancel your subscription within your first week and you won't be charged a thing! Or stay for months or even years until you feel you no longer need our support and move on.

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