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Work with me

Guidance and support to getting better sleep

Are you ready to explore options that support your child's attachment, doesn't interfere with breastfeeding and improves your sleep?

Sound too good to be true? - well lets get honest. I can't promise a 'full nights' solid sleep and if sleep isn't too bad then I may not be able to change much. But if you're suffering from a long time of highly difficult or very fragmented sleep I will be able to help.

Finding the right package for you

I offer a free 20 minute phone call for us to discuss how I can help you and what package would suit your circumstances. There is no obligation to book a package with me, just see if we could work well together.

To book a phone call or a package use the contact page.

mother co-sleeping with baby

good things here coming soon....

A community of breastfeeding women looking for better sleep through responsive parenting

Just Talk

45 minutes of 1-2-1 chat with me about your sleep challenges

On Zoom or on the phone, whichever you prefer. We will chat for 45 minutes about whatever it is that you are challenged with at the moment. I will help you explore what is going on with my knowledge and experience and offer any ideas or information to help you decide what is best for your family.

Access to all of my knowledge and experience to solve your issue for just £60

Support me all the way

Full consultation and on-going support for getting you the best sleep you can

A full go-through of everything that could be affecting your sleep - very holistic! Including:

  • Questionnaire to fill out before meeting

  • Virtual consultation meeting on zoom or over the phone. This is usually about an hour 

  • A voice clip summary of everything we discussed and your plan

  • 3 Months support in the form of weekly check ins for 20 minutes on Zoom, phone call or email  

Access to my knowledge and extensive resources for 3 full months to work through your challenges together is £350

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